RiteFlo window ventilators come in clear or frosted colours and a variety of sizes and models to ensure specific areas are ventilated correctly. We have solutions to help remove and eliminate musty odours and smells, as well as condensation build up inside your home.

Installed External View

RiteFlo Window Ventilators come in a variety of sizes to suit most window applications.

These non-powered ventilators are ideal for use in rooms that require ventilation, especially laundry, toilet and bathroom windows. RiteFlo ventilators help dry out residual moisture on walls and ceilings thus helping to reduce mould accumulation.

They operate by pressure differences of trapped air in an enclosed area in relation to the air outside as well as wind power and they rotate in both directions. Viewed externally, when the blades are rotating anti-clock wise the air is drawn in, clockwise the air will be drawn out.

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