What Is Ventilation?

Ventilation is the process of removing stale and musty air, which is caused by the poor air quality in your residential or commercial property.   Installing a proper air circulation system will eliminate the problem and help your environment to be healthy and unpolluted.  Areas within a property that is subject to darkness, humidity, and possibly dampness with no sufficient airflow is the perfect condition for mould to grow and thrive. Rooms that have no air movement will result in poor air quality and therefore affect your general health. Most rooms within a property can benefit from an efficient and professionally installed ventilation system as this will ensure you are provided with fresh air quality at all times. There are numerous ventilation systems on the market finding the correct one, which is also cost-efficient, takes time.

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    Improved Air Quality

    Quite often the air we breathe indoors is just as polluted as the outside air, the difference being that the inside air is confined within the rooms of the property and can cause numerous health complications. Germs, pollens, dust mites, spores and mould may lead to asthma if not treated with proper ventilation.

    Low humidity levels

    High humidity levels are often the cause of mould growth and will appear with insufficient ventilation throughout any property whether residential or commercial. The best prevention to reduce high humidity, especially during hot days throughout summer, is by installing a ventilation system, which will improve the poor air circulation and provide fresh air.

    Health Benefits

    A ventilation system will reduce the risk of illness to you, your family members or employees. These illnesses include asthma, allergies and headaches. Fresh circulating air will reduce any respiratory conditions, which may be caused due to not having installed a professional ventilation system.

    What ventilation system is best for your home?

    Riteflo Ventilation Systems, are the leading ventilation systems on the market today. Our company provides a self-propelled non-electrical ventilation system which ensures clean healthy airflow for any commercial or residential property. 

    Riteflo self-propelled ventilation systems offer a range of airflow benefits such as

    Riteflo Ventilation System

    Our Riteflo ventilation system is a non-electrical system which guarantees the customer will have savings on energy and costs. The Riteflo ventilation system is a complete system that will provide you and your family with fresh air at all times. Other powered ventilation fans run on electricity to operate which is an added expense and the device will also mean the user must to be aware of when he or she would like the ventilation system to be running.  However, once The Riteflo system is installed, you won’t have to worry about added costs or maintenance from the initial installation. The Riteflo ventilation system is fitted and does all the work for you.


    There is no other product on the market like the Riteflo self-propelled ventilation fan.  This clever design is completely free from electricity or power and is not solar driven. This is a large advantage over all other products on the market as it has no maintenance or running costs after the initial installation.


    Contact Riteflo today and we will provide you with a quote! We are happy to give any assistance to ensure you have the best ventilation system on the market.