How We Can Help with Odours

Unpleasant odours in the home can cause immense grief in any household. It disrupts your daily life and depletes your comfort around the home. Most people find that even when removing the bad smells, it may linger around thereafter. Without proper ventilation, odours may stay for an extended period of time.

Impacts of bad odours

Bad odours does not just affect your sensibilities but it can be quite toxic and harmful. Some people may react more drastically to odours than others. Keep in mind if a slight smell in your home does not bother you, it may be a different story for your guests.

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    The impacts of odours include:

    Bathroom Ventilation for fresh air-min (2)

    How to get rid of odours

    Pinpont where the smells are coming from

    This may be an obvious point, however, we tend to notice the smell but continue with our daily lives and never really addressing the issue. On the other hand, it can be extremely difficult to determine where the odour is coming from. Here are some common areas where you may find unpleasant smells

    Gaps in floors and Underneath Objects:

    Check to see if you have gaps in your floor boards to the sub-floor areas, these may be letting in moisture and damp. If you have renovated and removed old carpet only to find that there was mould damage under it, this could be a sign that the sub-floor area of you home needs better ventilation. Skiting gaps can also let in unwanted moisture.
    Looking under beds and other large furniture when ever you move them around is important as they can be harbouring nasty odour causing issues also.

    Mould :

    This can form in damp areas of your home. Wet and musty items can result in both mould and unpleasant odours. If mould is left, this can damage your furniture, timber structures and leather goods, such as handbags and shoes. Riteflo damp rods can assist with stopping mould growth behind furniture and in wardrobes by moving the air with their heat, creating air-flow.

    Opening Windows & Doors

    If you have been closing your windows often because the outside elements aren’t agreeable, it might be a good idea to open them every now and then to allow cross-breeze. This prevents dampness and stale air which may result in mould. If you are forgetful and would prefer the windows closed when you leave the home, you may be interested in Riteflo window ventilation systems. These can be installed to keep airflow throughout the day without any need to adjust your windows.

    How Riteflo’s Ventilation Systems Can Help

    After doing a deep investigation and clean of your home to find the origin of any odours, you may wonder if there is a better solution. If you a looking for a long term solution for odours in your home, check out Riteflo’s ventilation range from room to window ventilators. These do not need any electricity to function and move with the slightest change in wind and air pressure. It is an affordable option that allows you to spend less time tracking down odours and cleaning the build-up of mould. If you need assistance in choosing the right ventilation system for you home, contact Riteflo today.