How Do I Keep My Home Cool In The Hot Australian Summer?

Summer temperatures in Australia’s capital cities regularly exceed 35C with moderate to high humidity, so keeping your home cool is a high priority. This combination of heat and humidity can make your home feel like a sauna and make getting a good night’s sleep difficult. 

Many of our homes and apartments have inadequate ventilation and shade to cool them down. Energy saving measures like draught proofing, double glazing and insulation trap the summer heat like a plastic bag which makes us reliant on air-conditioning. It’s not surprising that cooling can account for up to 50% of home energy usage in Australia. Staying cool and using your air conditioning is draining on your bank accounts, but living in a hot, humid house is a drain on your energy. 

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    How Can I Ensure My House Cool And Lower My Energy Bills?

    When your home is a heat trap, it’s simple to rely on AC to make things cool and deal with a punishing power bill. While air conditioning is an accessible solution, there are other more cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to make your home more comfortable. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Ventilation System?

    In the Aussie summer heat, you will definitely appreciate how a self propelled ventilation system works 24 hours a day to make your home more comfortable by regulating both the temperature and humidity.  

    Hot, humid environments are prone to condensation. Condensation occurs when warm air and cold surfaces combine. This can lead to mould, rotting surfaces, insect infestations and damage to your home’s structure and furniture. A damp home is also bad for your health and increases the risks and severity of asthma, allergies and respiratory issues. Effective ventilation can reduce humidity levels and deliver both financial and health benefit to your family.

    To ensure summer is more pleasant, Riteflo ventilation can transform the air quality in your home.  It will bring replace the stale air in your home with fresh air.  Getting rid of stale air which is full of toxins including bacteria, moisture, pollutants, chemicals, dust and bad smells has numerous health benefits.

    Clean air and healthy humidity have the potential to alleviate your family’s asthma and allergies. Damp, mould growth and dust mites are clinically associated with respiratory problems and thrive in humid environments.

    Ventilation systems remove the process of opening windows and doors, so you can say goodbye to creepy crawlies and mosquitoes biting and buzzing around at night.

    Riteflo Summer Ventilation Solutions

    With over 50 years’ experience in ventilation and Sydney summers, Riteflo can tailor your ventilation system to suit your preference. Riteflo’s one of a kind fan design is the only one in the world with propellers that rotate in both directions. Their ventilators use the natural differences in external air pressure and wind which provides your home with fresh air 24 hours a day. 

    Riteflo’s systems are self propelled and rely on natural wind. They do not rely on electricity or sunlight to operate, making them a cost-effective ventilation solution. You can feel good about saving money on your energy costs and being kind to the environment at the same time.

    Contact us online or call and have a chat with one of our Sydney based ventilation experts to discuss how a Riteflo system can make your home a better place year round.