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What is mould?

Mould is a living thing. It is a microscopic organism that grows inside and outside your home. Mould can deteriorate your property over time and cause significant health problems to you and your family. 

Mould grows when it is exposed to any organic material for example wood or building materials while in a warm, damp and humid environment. If your property has all three conditions you may be subject to excessive mould growth. Mould will most likely grow in rooms with minimal airflow such as the corners of the room, your wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, under kitchen sinks, and laundry or linen cupboards.

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How to identify mould?

Often people will think they have a plumbing problem when they notice dampness, dark patches and black spots or bubbling paint on the walls.
However more likely this is a mould concern caused by poor air circulation. Contacting Riteflo is the answer to resolve any problems in regards to mould and reduced airflow.

Mould and damp areas cannot always be seen, they are often concealed. If you notice a mouldy, musty or earthy odour, or you have regular condensation inside your home, then you could have an issue with hidden mould and dampness.

Houses with high levels of humidity often experience mould growth. This includes homes that are close to lakes or are low down in a valley. Moisture in the air can increase over time when subject to fluctuating weather conditions.

How to remove mould?

  • Ensure clothes and shoes are dry before storing them away and keep a space between clothes for air circulation
  • Wipe away and dry areas affected by condensation e.g. windows and walls
  • Ensure ventilation is adequate throughout the home, open windows and internal doors when possible
  • Clean the wet areas of the home regularly
  • Ensure steam is extracted from the bathroom while showering or bathing by opening a window and using an exhaust fan with a 15 minute extended timer when turned off.
  • Riteflo self-propelled ventilators in windows and walls provide constant natural airflow.
  • Ensure steam is extracted when cooking when opening a window or using the exhaust fan
  • Let the sun into the home by opening curtains
  • Dispose of any wet, musty smelling items
  • If a water spill/flood occurs it is important to dry the area quickly, preferably within 24-48 hours after the spill.
  • Do not stack items up against walls mould will not grow if dry air is circulating throughout the room
  • Riteflo damp rods will assist in stopping mould growth behind furniture and in wardrobes.

Impacts of mould

Mould can cause a range of various problems to your property and your health.

Damaged Home

  • Mould will grow wherever there is moisture, heat and lack of airflow.
  • Mould will eventually destroy timber, plasterboard, fabric such as curtains, leather such as shoes, bags, jackets, carpet and painted surfaces if left untreated. It is important to be wary of where mould spores are growing and spreading in your home.
  • Keep an eye out for any indications of mould growth or damp odours.

Health & Allergies

  • If mould is growing in your home it can cause poor air quality and may severely impact you and your family’s wellbeing.
  • Mould releases tiny spores that float through the air which often have mycotoxins and allergens attached to them which ultimately will harm your health and may cause allergic reactions.

Mould & Dampness Prevention

Prevention is always the healthier solution, that’s why it’s imperative to make sure you are taking action to prevent future mould and moisture in your residential or commercial property. The best way to avoid mould within your property is by accurately installing a ventilation system. Riteflo has the solution for you. Our non-electrical self-propelled ventilation systems will eliminate any reason for mould or dampness in your home or office. The ventilation system is the non-electrical meaning you will be saving on electrical costs and with the result of a mould free environment.


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