How can ventilation maintain a warm home in winter?

Winter can be a different experience and entirely depends on what part of Australia you live in. if your home was built before early 2000 then you may be living in a “glorified tent” due to a lack of energy efficient housing standards. This is one of the reasons why more people per capita die from the cold in Australia than Sweden. 


As you get ready to take on another cold winter, making sure your family is warm, well and safe is a top priority. Your cold home is likely to be damper too. A damp environment increases the chance of your family getting sick with the flu and worsens allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions.

The World Health Organisation recommends that you maintain your home at a minimum of 18C. This can be an expensive exercise if your home falls into the ‘glorified tent’ category. 

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    Tips to save money on heating your home

    Seal up leaks

    Track down draughts around your doors, windows and skirting boards to stop the cold air getting in. Something as simple as a door snake or a rolled up towel can stop leaks under the door or pay a visit to your local hardware shop to find suitable products to seal things up.


    You can lose up to 40% of your home's heat from your windows. Let the sunshine (and its welcome heat) in, then close your curtains to contain the warmth inside. If you own your home, consider double glazing for maximising heating (and cooling) efficiency in your home.

    Cover your hard floors with rugs

    Adding warmth to your property with rugs, carpet and various comfy and warm furnishings will increase the warmth in your home.

    Reverse your ceiling fans

    Changing the direction to anti clockwise pushes rising warm air back down to the floor.


    A large amount of your home's heat is lost through the ceiling, walls and floor. Insulating your home (especially the ceiling) will make it noticeably easier to warm your home with less energy.

    Dress for success

    Layering up is the key to keeping warm. Avoid cotton and select wool, merino, polyester and nylon. Get out the thermal underlayers on extra cold days and don’t forget to wear a hat, jumper, gloves, socks, and a scarf.

    How can a ventilation system heat my home more efficiently?

    A damp house takes more energy to heat. The main cause of dampness is condensation, which occurs when warm moist air hits cool surfaces of your windows. To dry out your home in winter, you can utilise a ventilation system to attack the root cause of dampness, humidity.
    Depending on your climate, you may be susceptible to humid conditions in the warmer months too. Improving the circulation of air around your home with adequate ventilation is a cost effective way to decrease the humidity levels in the colder months (or even year round!)
    When you are trying to minimise the cold air, opening the window is not really an option. A ventilation system can help you restore your home’s air quality by removing the damp, contaminated air and replacing it with fresh air. While you may still use heating at times, managing the ventilation and airflow in your home will ensure your heating is operating at peak efficiency.
    Riteflo provides self propelled ventilation systems that require absolutely no sunlight or electricity to operate. This is a cost effective, sustainable way to ventilate your home year-round, 24/7. This unique system uses the natural differences in internal and external air pressure to expel stale, toxic air and introduce clean, fresh air into your home.
    The continuous air movement offered by a Riteflo system can help you combat humidity and heat your home more efficiently in the cold winter months. Every home is different, and our team of experts will work with you to develop a tailored ventilation system for your home.
    Contact us online or call and speak to one of Riteflo’s ventilation experts on 02 9981 2210 to find out more about how a Riteflo ventilation system can help you reduce condensation and make your home environment healthier for you and your family.