Ventilation For Under the Home Airflow

The sub-floor is the part between the floors you walk on in your home and the ground soil, which is under the house/building. Poor ventilation in this part of your home can be the root cause of many problems that lead to many health problems. Good ventilation under your home helps promotes a healthy internal environment to live in. Poor ventilation can cause a build up of moisture as it cannot escape which then leads to mould and mildew, this affects the timber bearers and joists as they can rot which will attract termites and borers and this can be a very costly problem.

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    How can you tell if you have poor ventilation under your home?

    You will see moisture or ponding of excess water under the area or you will notice stale air and bad odour. Poor ventilation under your home can affect the inside of your home also by causing clothing, foot wear, plasterboard ceilings, cupboard linings to be consumed by mould spores which then can lead to further health problems. 

    What to look out for in your home?

    Bad odours when you open rooms or when you open cupboard doors can be a sure fire sign of poor ventilation. The back of cupboard doors or on ceilings black spots are generally how you detect mould spores, these grow and spread very quickly in the right environment.

    Riteflo can help with a complete solution for the sub-floor or under home areas to improve the airflow and keep you and your family healthy.

    Contact our friendly team at Riteflo and we will be more than happy to assist you with your ventilation solution, whether it may be for a residential or commercial property.