How Ventilation Helps South Facing Walls

In the Southern hemisphere, we tend to have less sunlight on South facing aspects of our homes so these areas can be problematic. South facing walls with no windows tend to be colder to touch, they can also feel damp especially in the cooler months. South facing walls that have gardens or lots of vegetation blocking sunlight will always be cooler also. South facing walls build from various different materials can cause problems for owners and often tradespeople are called in that don’t have a real solution to remedy this.

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    What to look for on South facing walls?

    If you touch the wall and it feels damp or cold or there seems to be mould on it and no matter how many times you clean it the mould returns. Furniture or belongings near it seem to grow mould.

    Riteflo can help you with a ventilation solution for South facing walls.

    Riteflo self propelled ventilation fans