Bathroom Ventilation for Your Home

Bathroom ventilation is incredibly important to prevent unsightly mould and grime. Bathrooms can produce mould and mildew anywhere that harbours warmth and moisture. It is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The humid air and damp environment encourage bacteria to grow around your taps, in the corners of your shower and over tiles, around the mirror and on the ceiling. These are just a few common areas mould will grow in your bathroom without proper ventilation. The bathroom is one of the most important areas that require sufficient ventilation in any residential or commercial property.

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    What Is Bathroom Ventilation?

    Bathroom ventilation usually involves an exhaust fan. This type of ventilation system is powered by electricity to actively remove the moisture in the air, however a good source of fresh air is important so while the electric exhaust fan is drawing air out we need to ensure fresh air can flow in to replace the air being drawn out. Hot showers can bring about an immense amount of steam, leaving walls and ceilings wet. This is where ventilation fans can help. It will reduce the risk of mould and mildew, effectively lowering the need to constantly clean your bathroom. Additionally, when cleaning your bathroom, any strong odours from the chemicals are also removed through the use of a ventilation fan. You can avoid the painstaking headaches that comes with the inhalation from bleach and other cleaning products. Adequate ventilation will ensure sufficient airflow throughout your bathroom. It is recommended for any property, climates and weather conditions – all year round.

    Why is Bathroom Ventilation Important?

    Prevent Increased Symptoms of Asthma & Allergies

    Bathroom ventilation installation is recommended to prevent mould, humidity, and dampness, which can lead to asthma and allergies. Insufficient ventilation is the number one contributor to the growth in mould and mildew. If ignored, mould spores can be inhaled or cause skin irritation. In addition to ventilation fans, it is important to open doors, windows and the shower door after using the bathroom to allow airflow and steam to escape.

    Less Deep Cleaning

    By reducing the growth of mould in your bathroom through ventilation fans, you can save time cleaning the gaps in between tiles and the silicone surrounding your bathtub and taps. When mould appears in the silicone, it can be far deeper than surface level, making it difficult to truly remove the mould. In some cases, you may have to replace this damaged silicone with new sealant. Therefore, with a simple installation of ventilation fans, you can prevent the rapid mould growth. Allowing you to stay on top of your bathroom cleaning routine.

    Stop Your Mirrors from Fogging Up

    A small, but sometimes very frustrating concern in your morning routine is the mirror constantly fogging up after the shower. Even after wiping it down with a towel, it still does not seem to get rid of the steamy mirrors. Having bathroom ventilation fans installed, will allow you to get ready in the mornings without having to relocate to a different room to do your hair or put on makeup in the mirror.

    What is the difference between normal exhaust fans and Riteflo’s ventilation system?

    Typically, exhaust fans must be operating for approximately 20 minutes after the bathroom has been used to allow for adequate ventilation.  If your time in the bathroom has been quick and you do not wish to leave the fan in operation, you run the risk of increasing your mould and mildew problem. However, with the Riteflo self-propelled ventilation systems, don’t worry about when or how long your ventilation system has been on for. They function without any buttons, powering on or wires.


    Additionally, in most homes, ventilation fans are connected to the lights. Therefore, by leaving the fan on to ventilate the space even when you are not using it, will also mean that you are leaving the light on. This will unnecessarily increase the costs of your electricity. When taking into consideration the time of the shower and leaving the exhaust on for a single person every day, the expenses begin to add up. This also does not take into account the rare occasion that we may forget to turn off the fan following the 20 mins.


    Most exhaust fans are also incredibly noisy when turned on. Riteflo has eliminated all the concerns that come with bathroom ventilation with our cost-efficient and quiet solutions. Once installed, Riteflo’s fans work to reduce the mould in your bathroom 24/7, all without electricity and fuss. The dual rotational fans operate with the slightest drop in air pressure and are whisper quiet. You will forget you had them installed in the first place.

    The Cost of RiteFlo’s Ventilation System

    Given that there are no running costs for our fans as well as a warranty on all of our systems, you can be sure that Riteflo’s ventilation systems will be a solution that lasts.

    If you are questioning why your existing ventilation fan installed in your bathroom does not seem to be working as efficient as you would like, it may be due to the size. That’s where Riteflo can help. Our business is backed by 54 years of experience and we have fitted countless bathrooms over the years. We can provide accurate and honest ventilation advice for your bathroom size. Riteflo’s pricing will depend on the range of products that is best suited to your bathroom to allow sufficient airflow for a healthy environment. We provide ventilation solutions to residential and commercial properties. Our team are more than happy to assist and provide you with a free quote and professional service.

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