Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom ventilation is highly important to prevent unsightly mould and grime. Bathrooms can produce mould and mildew anywhere that harbours warmth and moisture. It is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The humid air and damp environment encourage bacteria to grow around your taps, in the corners of your shower and over tiles, around the mirror and on the floor. These are just a few common areas mould will grow in your bathroom without proper ventilation. The bathroom is one of the most important areas of any residential or commercial property that must have a proper ventilation system.

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What Is Bathroom Ventilation?

Bathroom ventilation is crucial in any residential or commercial property to maintain a healthy environment. Adequate ventilation will ensure sufficient airflow throughout your bathroom. Riteflo’s ventilation systems are non-electrical and self-propelled and will remove stale and stagnant air residing in your bathroom and replace this with fresh air from outside. Our ventilation system can increase airflow and fresh air 24/7 guaranteeing your bathroom is free of humidity, mould and dampness. Bathroom ventilation is recommended for any property, every time you have a shower, use hot water from the basin or have a bath, the steam from the taps will stagnate in your bathroom, and cling onto the walls, tiles and ceilings, making it a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

Why Bathroom Ventilation?

Bathroom ventilation installation is recommended to prevent mould, humidity, and dampness, which can lead to asthma and allergies. It is important to open doors, windows and the shower door after using the bathroom if possible to allow airflow and steam to escape. This will prevent mould growth, however not everyone remembers to keep the air circulating, that’s why Riteflo’s bathroom ventilation system will ensure your bathroom is well ventilated at all times. The self-propelled ventilation systems will guarantee a mould reduction in your bathroom, which also will help eliminate excess cleaning.


Typically exhaust fans must be operating for approximately 20 minutes after the bathroom has been used to allow adequate ventilation.  If your time in the bathroom has been quick and you do not wish to leave the fan in operation you run the risk of increasing your mould and mildew problem or forgetting to turn off your fan will increase your operational costs.  However, with the Riteflo self-propelled ventilation systems, don’t worry about when or how long your to ventilation system has been on for.

Riteflo bathroom ventilation – cost.

The running cost of a Riteflo ventilation system is inexpensive.  There are no operation costs as our bathroom ventilation systems are non-electrical and self-propelled. Selecting the correct Riteflo ventilation size will depend on the area you wish to ventilate.  Riteflo will advise and assist you with identifying which of our range of products will best suit your bathroom to allow sufficient airflow for a healthy environment, in either your residential or commercial property. Our staff are more than happy to assist and provide you with a free quote and professional service.