Why Should I Have Ventilation Systems for Your Apartment?

Specific to apartments and other closely built dwellings, these buildings lock in humidity, increasing the chance of condensation. Apartment spaces are smaller than houses and are therefore, more susceptible to become stuffy or humid. Additionally, the more occupants in a space increases the humidity inside. Ventilation for apartment buildings involves multiple areas such as the sub floor, basement, garage, storage areas, the buildings cavity walls, the common areas, the bathrooms, laundries and windows.

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    Kitchen & Cooking

    Cooking in the kitchen produces one of the highest levels of moisture. From boiling water in a pot to steaming, these daily tasks release excess moisture into the air. Without proper ventilation, the moisture settles on the walls and ceilings. As a result, mould can form. It is crucial that mould is controlled in the kitchen as this is where food is prepared and ingested. It can become incredibly harmful if mould spores are present or near food.

    Laundry & Small Rooms

    The lack of an outdoor clothes dryer for many apartment buildings mean that residents utilise dryers in their laundries. Without the proper ventilation, the moisture emitted from the dryer can cause significant damage to the ceilings and floors. This is the same for other small rooms in the apartment where there are little to no windows present and circulating fresh air can be difficult. RiteFlo self-propelled ventilation solutions can be tailor made to suit any apartment.

    Sub Floor Ventilation

    Ventilation in the sub-floor affects the foundation of the building if the ventilation is poor. This can lead to excess moisture, increasing the growth of mould and mould spores. Ventilation of the basement will help remove stale air, moisture and condensation which will help stop the spread of mould spores. RiteFlo can help improve the ventilation in basements under all sorts of apartment buildings.

    For Garages & Storage Areas

    Ventilation in the garage and storage areas is vital to help remove the condensation from the walls and the ceilings. This reduces the deterioration of stored personal assets and valuable property. Storage is incredibly valuable to any apartment and that is why Riteflo has created a solution to help keep these areas useable.

    How Will Ventilation Help Air Flow in My Apartment?

    Ventilation of the cavity walls can help a great deal in the hotter months by distributing the airflow in the cavity walls. It allows fresh air in and keeps hot stale air out. In the cooler months, the cavity ventilation helps remove condensation build up, keeping fresh air flowing into the living areas. RiteFlo self-propelled cavity fans can also be made to fit the exact cavity size anywhere. Essentially, this will save you money on your electricity bills as you will be less likely to turn on the air conditioner or heater. Instead of recycled air, you will have fresh clean air from outside to breathe. When the outdoor conditions are not ideal for when you are opening windows in your apartment, RiteFlo’s ventilation fans keep the cold and wet out, and keep the fresh air in.


    Ventilation of the common areas is very often forgotten, as everyone believes that someone else is looking after it and, in the end, nobody takes responsibility. That is why if you are a manager for a strata building, this can help keep residents in the apartment complex at ease. It will prevent unpleasant odours from lingering in these shared spaces. Ultimately, you will have a fresh and clean feeling apartment block for potential residents too.


    RiteFlo can design a ventilation solution which can help ventilate your common hallways, stairwells, atriums and foyers.

    Why Choose RiteFlo Apartment Ventilation Systems

    There are many ventilation systems on the market, but how do you make the right choice for your needs and apartment? RiteFlo has solved this dilemma by providing fool-proof solutions for all your requirements. Our fans offer:

    No electricity

    Therefore, you will not have to worry about another cost on top of your general cooling and heating system. There is no wiring and no disconnection in the case of a black out. That is why RiteFlo have created a ventilation system that runs on the slightest change in air pressure or wind.

    A reduce in greenhouse gases

    The increase in apartment buildings and population mean that we are emitting more greenhouse gases by the day. Thankfully, RiteFlo provide an environmentally friendly solution to maintaining comfortable temperatures and fresh air in your apartment.

    Silent operation

    You will not have to worry about noise complaints from your neighbours. RiteFlo’s ventilation systems are completely silent and do not have loud motors or mechanisms to function.

    No running costs

    On top of water, electricity and rent/mortgage bills, another addition can really break the bank. Our products have no maintenance costs and will last you 10-15 years given proper installation. You can be comfortable all year round for a single price of the ventilation system.

    Ventilation Experts for 50 years

    We strive to provide efficient and cost effective solutions for all customers. Our products are backed by our 50 years of being in the ventilation industry. Contact one of our friendly team members today and we will be more than happy to assist you.