Prevention is Better Than Cure


FACT: Mould spores are in the air; they are everywhere and there is nothing we can do about it. Your house CAN be free of growing mould; it requires 3 things to grow: Warmth, a food source and water. There is 6% of water in the air we breathe.

Fact: Mould EATS organic material like wood or cotton, but it can GROW anywhere – any place dust can settle, mould can grow, ceramic tiles and other non-porous surfaces included.

Fact: If you can’t see mould or smell mould, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have it. Mould grows in-between cracks and walls and under anything. You may not be aware of mould and you may not associate any health issues with the mould in your home. It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t see!

Fact: Bleach or chlorine will work on non-porous surfaces like tiles, but it will not work on porous surfaces because there is no penetrating capability. However, the water in the bleach or chlorine will penetrate and feed the mould that is underneath the surface. It looks like you have removed the mould – but in fact you have just removed the colour. Bleach and chlorine is not your answer. Clean with products high in natural bio-flavonoids or contain propanetricarboxylic (citric acid).

Fact: You can’t tell toxic mould by looking at it. Mould needs to be tested.

Fact: Even non-viable moulds are toxic and allergenic. Even if you think the mould in your home is not affecting your health it will still be affecting your home – it will be eating the porous materials.

Fact: Mould can always come back given the right conditions – so remember ‘Prevention is better than cure’.