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Is Property Management Important?

An effective Property Manager will control all aspects of running a successful rental property, from signing tenants to collecting rental payments. A property manager can manage apartments, townhouses, houses and duplexes and commercial and/or industrial buildings. They can also take responsibility of vacant properties, providing care that the sites are safe and clean.  A manager will typically manage the care of a property that is owned by another person.

As a property manager it is important that they inspect all facilities within a property; employ, supervise and assign jobs to staff.  When something goes wrong while under the care of a Property Manager it is important that the manager arrange for any issues to be checked and repaired as soon as possible. One possible problem that a tenant may deal with is poor air quality this can lead to health and safety issues.

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Main reasons for poor air quality are:


Insect repellent and insecticides all damage healthy air quality. Unfortunately insects, bugs and pests are annoying and tenants will wish to eliminate them by using a spray. However, by installing a self propelled air ventilator solution the harmful air quality caused by the insecticides can be reduced and will be beneficial in maintaining a healthy environment.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarettes are a common cause for poor air quality in a rental property. It is simple to prevent. Installing a Riteflo Air Ventilator System and making a change in behavior, controlling the amount of cigarette smoke allowed in your rental property will help improve your indoor air quality. This is particularly important if children or the elderly are living in the property.

Mould & Mildew

One common occurrence in many rental properties is mould. Poor air quality creates dampness, mildew and mould which can trigger a variety of health problems such as lung irritation and inflammation, asthma attacks, breathless, coughing, and increased vulnerability to respiratory illnesses. This problem can deter potential renters, however with the correct air ventilation system installed you will be impressed by the fresh clean air and mould free environment.

Household Cleaning Supplies

While it is important for your health, and sanity, to keep your home clean, the products that we use, however, are one of the most common causes of poor indoor air quality. Many of the hidden chemicals can contribute to a variety of health problems, including headaches, asthma and many respiratory illnesses. After wiping a bench or cleaning a bathroom these chemicals are residing on the surfaces and in the air circulating around the property potentially causing health problems for your tenants.

Dust Mites, Pollen, Pet Dander & Cockroaches:

All four of these environmental pollutants can compromise the air that you breathe. To help prevent these contaminants from polluting your tenant’s indoor air, it’s important that they keep their home clean and clutter free. Enlisting a license pest exterminator will help eradicate any pests or bugs and good air quality can be achieved through installing a Riteflo Ventilation System.

Is a Ventilation System Expensive to Install?


The cost of installing a Riteflo Ventilation System will depend on the style and size of the ventilation system you select. We offer a range of styles suitable for all areas of a rental property. If you would like to know the same price of ventilation installation, reach out to our team at Riteflo and one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

Non Electrical Ventilation is the Solution

As a professional company servicing air ventilation, we have many Property Management Firms who know the benefits of home ventilation. As a Property Manager it is important that your tenants are comfortable and their well being is a priority.  So we recommend installing Riteflo non electrical self propelled ventilation systems to guarantee properties are well ventilated.  By detecting and eliminating pollutants you help safeguard your tenants and assisting the elderly and young and those with chronic respiratory conditions who may be especially susceptible to some air pollutants.


If you suspect poor air quality, the first step is to contact Riteflo Ventilation Solutions and they will talk with you about the safest and healthiest way to protect your tenant, while being cost effective.  Riteflo will assist in eliminating any sign of mould or dampness and will ensure that your tenant’s safety and wellbeing is a priority.  Having consistent maintenance ventilation checks will safeguard against any air quality issues and will reduce any significant damage to your building or property.  Reach out to Riteflo today for information on self propelled environmentally friendly air ventilation systems.

Contact The Riteflo Team To Help You Property Management

A Riteflo commercial ventilation system will help you say goodbye to mildew, mould and dampness. Our top of the line range is Australia’s number 1 non electrical ventilation system and will help you improve the health of your building occupants, reduce future maintenance and increase energy efficiency for your future builds.

Every project is different, and our team of experts can work with you to develop a tailored ventilation system according to your clients’ preferences. 

Contact us online or call and speak to one of Riteflo’s ventilation experts on 02 9981 2210 to find out more about how a Riteflo ventilation system can help you reduce condensation and make your commercial building healthier and more efficient.