Is Office Ventilation Important?

Office ventilation is imperative for any work environment. The statistics show that many of us will spend more than half our life in an office space, and that’s why it is important to ensure your office space is sufficiently ventilated for your staff and employees. Poor ventilation can impact the health of your staff as well as the structure of your buildings office space. To prevent this from occurring we recommend Riteflo’s self-propelled ventilation system.

Office ventilation will ensure your staff and visitors are situated in a healthy and safe environment at all times. Majority of electrical ventilation systems run at a high cost, which can be reduced by selecting one of Riteflo’s ventilation systems.

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    What Happens If I have poor ventilation in my office?

    Poor ventilation and airflow create a number of negative effects to your office space and to your staff. These include:

    Decrease In Oxygen Levels & Concentration

    Inadequate airflow will decrease oxygen levels and increase carbon dioxide in your office space. This, therefore, makes your environment stuffy, which can create lethargic employees and potential headaches. Stuffy environments can decrease levels of concentration and productivity. Statistics show that it takes 0.2% of carbon dioxide to increase indoors for people to notice how stuffy the air is.

    Mould, Mildew & Condensation

    Mould and mildew will grow within any environment that is humid, moist, and has no airflow. Mould and mildew are unhygienic and gives off spores, which can potentially develop asthma or allergies in your employees, this can also impact your employees with already residing respiratory problems. It is important your staff do not breathe in such poor air quality.

    Humidity Decrease Work Levels

    o A humid environment is never a comfortable situation. Stale and stagnant airflow will increase humidity in the air, and therefore impact the work levels of your employees. The humidity levels and temperature of your commercial building can impact your staff’s mental health, discouraging their ability to work.

    How To Increase Office Ventilation

    The recommended way to increase your office airflow is by Riteflo’s complete commercial ventilation system. Riteflo’s ventilation systems are non-electrical which means you save on running costs and time, so you don’t have to check when and for how long your ventilation system has been operating. Our ventilation products are self-propelled and run 24/7. Operated by the natural differences between internal and external air pressure and wind, our ventilation fans remove stale air and allow in fresh air flow as well as natural light.

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    No more mildew, mould or dampness with Riteflo’s complete commercial ventilation solution. Our air circulation products are top of the range and the #1 non-electrical ventilation system in Australia. Ensure your staff’s health and well-being is your number one priority while increasing your staff’s productivity levels. Contact Riteflo and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you with your ventilating your commercial office space.