Best Home Ventilation Specialists 2020 – Australia

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It is not easy to ventilate rooms in the house. Often, the process is expensive, complex and difficult to maintain. RiteFlo is the answer to any and all of these problems. With an innovative approach, the team have been able to revolutionise the world of airflow technology. We profile the team to show what benefits they can bring to your architecture going forward.

In some countries, ventilation is a crucial part of the design process, with a failure on this front creating a building that is incredibly uncomfortable. The ventilation process means replacing inside air with outside air, removing moisture, odours, smoke, heat, and airborne bacteria. Unventilated houses are often hot, uncomfortable and subject to mould growth.


It’s essential to create an environment where air can be exchanged quickly and effectively. With 11% of people in Australia alone suffering with some form of allergy and 7.8% of the population suffering from a respiratory related allergy, keeping the air inside as fresh as possible is a serious issue. RiteFlo has taken a unique approach to this perennial problem.


A RiteFlo ventilator is unique in the marketplace. They are the only fans in the world with blades that rotate in both directions. The product is based on the principle of natural difference between internal and external air pressure. This allows a RiteFlo product to expel stale air and introduce fresh air and natural light. Instead of having to turn the product on and off throughout the day, this solution provides continuous air movement at all times. It’s a far cry from the terracotta and wire mesh vents that used to be a mainstay of the industry.


The team offer an extensive selection of different products, each adapted perfectly for use in various situations. The room ventilation option showcases what all RiteFlo products have to offer. Designed to be adaptable to any situation, the team have developed a product that is truly exceptional. It comes in a choice of sizes, either 160mm or 240mm across. There are eight standard colour options, though the opportunity to choose a custom colour is also available.


The design of the vent can be adapted to suit the thickness of the wall as it is available in kit form and adapted to suit what is required of it on site. On a practical level, these products can be installed anywhere, whether a single or double wall, Besser block or sandstone construction. Naturally, RiteFlo has ensured that it is capable of working brick courses too. Nothing has been overlooked in this astonishing design, and best of all, there’s no electricity required.


The technologies that RiteFlo have developed have allow the talented team to adapt to different situations that might arise around the house. The use of a Sub Floor Ventilation system could prevent bad odours throughout your home, while also reducing the risk of structural damage to flooring and walls. Door ventilation allows air to flow freely through the house, ensuring that everywhere in the building can benefit and bathroom ventilation has bene revolutionised entirely. Most properties have exhaust fans which must be operated to ensure steam doesn’t stagnate and become a breeding ground for mould, but these are often not up to the task. RiteFlo’s inexpensive, self-propelled solutions ensure that this situation never arises.


The team at RiteFlo have always been committed to finding the best way of ventilating properties, and their latest solution is long-lasting and impressively effective. It’s a boon to all architects to have this incredible ventilation resource at their fingertips.

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